Boundary Survey in Wisconsin

Land Tech just recently finished a boundary survey on a 152 acre farm in the Town of Hubbard, in Dodge County Wisconsin.

What is a Boundary Survey?
A boundary survey is a survey to establish the boundaries of a parcel using its legal description which typically involves the setting or restoration of monuments or markers at the corners or along the lines of the parcel, often in the form of iron rods, pipes, or concrete monuments in the ground, or nails set in concrete or asphalt.  In the past, wooden posts, blazes in trees, piled stone corners or other types of monuments have also been used.  A map or plat is then drafted from the field data to provide a representation of the parcel surveyed.

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When Do I Need To Get A Survey?

When buying land and you do not clearly know where the property line is on the ground.
When selling land and you do not clearly know where the property line is on the ground.
When land is not clearly defined by a plat, legal description, or older Land Survey.
When you cannot be certain of the location of your property corners.
When building, Land Surveying often used to determine drainage, setbacks, and proper planning by many.
Before land is divided. When a lending institution requires a survey for a mortgage.
Before building a fence, building, shed, or anything close to an unknown property line.
Before timber is to be cut near a property line.
When purchasing title insurance.
Whenever a boundary line or corner is unknown or in disagreement.
To settle a boundary dispute of some type.
When you think you might have an encroachment on your land.
When clearing or doing construction in “wetland” areas in the jurisdiction of the Corps of Engineers.
Before developing property.
Many times, an Attorney, Bank or title insurance agent will require that a Land Surveyor clear up an ambiguous land description, or verify the location of structures on the property so that the lending institution can agree to finalize a loan.
Land Tech Surveying & Engineering LLC

Land Tech Surveying and Engineering: There is a New Surveyor in Town

Land Tech Surveying & Engineering LLC, is a professional land surveying and civil engineering company serving the needs of Southeastern Wisconsin. Our goal is to be our clients’ #1 choice for all their land surveying and engineering needs. We can provide you with our services in a timely and accurate manner while staying cost effective.  Land Tech Surveying & Engineering LLC uses the latest field equipment and surveying software to ensure that the client has quality results. We strive for professionalism and a commitment to long-term relationships. Our success will be measured by those whom we serve.

Land Tech provides professional land surveying services including Plat of Surveys, ALTA/ACSM surveys, Certified Survey Maps, Topographical surveys and mapping, construction staking, FEMA Elevation certificates, architectural surveys, easement and legal descriptions, environmental surveys and all types of boundary surveys for developers, builders, lenders and government agencies.

Land Tech also provides drafting and engineering services including preliminary plats, subdivision plats, Condo plats, subdivision design, stormwater management, and erosion control.

When is a survey needed?

-Prior to purchasing land to ensure what you are buying
-Prior to installing a fence, building a house, or other type of construction
-Prior to dividing land into smaller parcels
-When you sell a piece of land that has not been previously surveyed
-To verify the amount of land assessed for taxes
-When you think there is an encroachment on your land
-For design and development purposes

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