Land Tech Surveying in Waukesha County: The Time To Get Your Survey is Now

Now is the time to get your land surveyed.  The growth is thin while the trees are bare.  Get that survey done and set in stone before the construction season begins in spring.  That way you will be one step ahead of everyone.  Prices for lots and mortgages are being offered at great rates.  Get that survey done to resolve that boundary dispute.  Besides before you build that house, you will need a plat of survey.  If you need a Certified Survey Map, John Downing, the owner of Land Tech Surveying and Engineering can take care of all your needs.  Do you have a large piece of land that you want to develop?  Call Land Tech and get some consulting.

Are you paying flood insurance on your house, and you stayed high and dry in the great floods of 2007?  Give Land Tech a call and we can take care of your flood insurance problem.  We can do the survey and paper work for an Elevation Certificate that FEMA requires to rid yourself of flood insurance.

Feel free to email us at or call me at 262-367-7599.

All my best,
John D. Downing R.L.S.