Land Surveyor in Milwaukee



If you are looking for a  land surveyor in Milwaukee County, then you have found your company.  Land Tech Surveying and Engineering, LLC provides land surveying services in all of Southeastern Wisconsin, and has years of experience when it comes to the difficult surveys in Milwaukee.

Just this week, Land Tech completed a plat of survey and grading plan for Vittuci’s-The East side’s Cocktail Lounge, on North Avenue.  Vittuci’s is planning on building a beer garden deck off the side of their building.  In order to propose this project to the city, they needed a land surveyor to survey the property and come up with a plat of survey.  This survey was then turned over to an architect who will use it for design purposes.

If you are looking for a land surveyor in Milwaukee, give Land Tech a call at 262-367-7599.   You can also check out our website at or email us at

John D. Downing R.L.S.