When is a survey necessary?

  • Prior to purchasing land
  • Prior to installing a fence, building a house, or other type of construction
  • Prior to dividing land into smaller parcels
  • When you sell a piece of land that has not been previously surveyed
  • To verify the amount of land assessed for taxes
  • When you think there an encroachment on your land
  • For design and development purposes
  • For peace of mind

How long will the survey take?

Simply put, we will meet your deadline. you tell us the date you need the survey and we will deliver it to you by that date. If we cannot meet your deadline, we will recommend you to another company that may be able to help you. LandTech has never committed to a project and not met the agreed upon deadline.

What areas of Wisconsin do you service?

LandTech’s main service area is Southeastern Wisconsin including (but not limited to) the following counties; Waukesha, Milwaukee, Washington, Ozaukee, Dodge, Jefferson, Walworth, Racine, Kenosha.